Enterprise software such as customer relationship management applications, call center management systems and HVAC management systems generate valuable information that would benefit the organization if it could be incorporated into Digital Signage displays. For example, the screenshot below illustrates the type of display a typical HVAC monitoring system will produce in a Java Application window.

Typical HVAC dashboard application window

Incorporating the application window content produced by these systems into a Digital Signage display is a challenge because:

  • The content is displayed in a 3rd party application window.
  • The content is incompatible with the multimedia formats supported by Digital Signage software.
  • The application requires that a user login and click on a link in order to reach the target content.

    The objective of this article is to demonstrate how you can use the DC Media Screen Capture Server to capture an application window and display that content in your Digital Signage display.

    Grabbing the application window

    The DC Media Screen Capture Server runs as a background application and is accessible via a web browser. To grab a screenshot of the current desktop, simply browse to the computer name or IP address of the computer running the server application and the desktop image will be output as a JPEG image in your browser. To incorporate this image into your DC Media Playlist simply create an HTML asset, enter the URL of the capture server and then add the asset to your playlist.

    To capture an application window all you need to do is provide the application window title as part of the URL. In our example, the HVAC dashboard window has the application title ACME HVAC Monitor:

    Example HVAC Dashboard application window title


    If the applications window title includes variable data, you can do a partial match by adding the parameter &exactmatch=false to the URL:


    Grabbing only a portion of the application window

    You can modify the scope of the application window by specifying coordinates:


    This allows us to exclude portions of the application such as the status bar or toolbar.

    Capturing a region of the display

    Try it yourself

    If you would like to try the DC Media Capture Server software in action, why not download and try it for yourself.


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